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As a local advertising agency, we recognize the importance of community involvement and understand the significance of supporting businesses within our neighborhoods around Terre Haute. Because we live, work, and play in your communities, we work as a strategic partner focused on growing your business, from brand awareness to sales activation. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying your unique opportunities and challenges. We then build strategies around those to connect with your ideal customers and deliver successful marketing messages that reflect the voice of your brand. That message is broadcast through the community using our extensive range of advertising channels, including radio, online, television, social media, print, billboards, and mobile apps.

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Local Influencers

Local influencer marketing utilizes local personalities who have a significant number of followers within a specific geographic area to endorse compatible brands. The objective is to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. These personalities, or influencers, use their platforms to talk positively about products or services, leading to increased sales for the companies they represent. Through our affiliated radio stations, we have a range of prominent Wabash Valley personalities that can help promote your business both on-air and off.

Steve Cannon

I’m originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, the same place as the song. In addition to Terre Haute, I have worked at great radio stations in Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Austin and more. I have one of the biggest record libraries around having been a collector since I was 10 years old. My voice has been heard on commercials and promotional announcements that have aired nationwide on radio and television. I’m a Philly sports fan following the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and 76ers. However, having been in Indiana for quite some time, I have become a Colts and Pacers fan too. My son is a graduate of Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!

Kevin Lambert

You can usually find me with a Duck during the summer raising money for Catholic Charities!  The Mix Morning show is a huge part of the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome!  After the 2nd year we raised a lot of money & awareness for the cause & the biggest gathering for the walk this year!!  I love donating time at the Soup Kitchen at the St. Benedict Church. Around the Holidays we ring the bell for the Salvation Army and we love being a part of the Team Of Mercy Color Run & Stand against Suicide events! These events benefits the organization Team of Mercy which offers assistance to those left behind after an attempted or completed suicide. Our biggest yearly event is “300 Wishes”, a yearly promotion that makes sure that 300 foster kids in the area get a Christmas present! This event means so much to the Mix Morning show! I love the work St. Jude Children’s Hospital does for families & children.  Since visiting the hospital in Memphis I have made it a priority to help HI99 promote and raise money every year!  If there is a non-profit or charity raising funds & doing good in the Valley, Mix is a part of it.  When you can be a part of local organizations that do so much good, it is a pleasure to be the voice to help them.  You can find me hosting, talking about, doing a podcast or donating time every chance we get!  What is even better, all the local businesses that get involved with us!  If you have a business and want to be a part of something special in the Valley I encourage you to learn more on how you can partner with us to make it a better Wabash Valley!

Party Marty ®

Hi, I’m Party Marty. I graduated from Eastern Greene High School and moved to Terre Haute in 1984 to work as a Parts Salesman at a Chevrolet dealership. I started out in radio in 1986 doing some character voices and discovered that radio was a lot more fun than a real job, so that’s what I’ve been doing since. I have two daughters, Kelly and Addy. I am a Red Sox Fan and, most of all, enjoy time with my Daughters and Grandkids. I’ve enjoyed playing music at wedding receptions, birthday parties, and anniversaries for 35 years.

Focused on the Wabash Valley

MWC Advertising prides itself on being focused on the communities we work in. We strongly believe in the power of building meaningful relationships with individuals and organizations. We recognize that such connections are essential to creating a thriving local community. Therefore, we work closely with organizers of community events and have established relationships with Coats4Kids, St. Jude Radiothon, 300 Wishes, Wine on the Wabash, and Women Mean Business. Our various advertising channels are a great way for businesses and organizations to zero in on visitors and get the word out. Whether it’s through social media, online campaigns, traditional media or live remote broadcasts, we’re dedicated to helping our communities thrive.

“I wanted something that customers turn their heads to, if it is a commercial on the radio, that they turn up their radio and want to listen to it. People see the success we have reaching out to people with radio.”

Hoosier Heating & Cooling

“I think that advertising, in general, for medical professionals is a little challenging. Once we saw how positive the community responded to how we advertised, those fears and concerns were just gone. We see a significant increase.”

Airport Veterinary Clinic

“It’s the collaboration with my rep that is just fantastic! You know that they are going to do what’s best for you, and you know you are going to get results. You are going to get a good reach with the advertising with MWC”

Stadler & Company

“We’re in Farmersburg IN, so there’s a 1000 people population and I wanted to reach out to more people. I think it’s been effective, because we are reaching so many people. We’re seeing results…we’re seeing 30, 40, 50% growth.”

Kroc’s Butcher Shop

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