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As a local advertising agency, we recognize the importance of community involvement and understand the significance of supporting businesses in Evansville. Because we live, work, and play in your communities, we work as a strategic partner focused on growing your business, from brand awareness to sales activation. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying your unique opportunities and challenges. We then build strategies around those to connect with your ideal customers and deliver successful marketing messages that reflect the voice of your brand. That message is broadcast through the community using our extensive range of advertising channels, including radio, online, television, social media, print, billboards, and mobile apps.

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Local Influencers

Local influencer marketing utilizes local personalities who have a significant number of followers within a specific geographic area to endorse compatible brands. The objective is to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. These personalities, or influencers, use their platforms to talk positively about products or services, leading to increased sales for the companies they represent. Through our affiliated radio stations, we have a range of prominent Evansville area personalities that can help promote your business both on-air and off.

Aaron Santini

Aaron Santini is an active Dad of two boys, a volunteer youth sports coach, has a lifelong passion for motorcycles, and a passion for travel. Aaron has a nearly 30 year track record of creating and executing creative branding campaigns, promotions, and endorsements. He chronicles his “Dad life” both on the WIKY Afternoon show, as well as on his social media outlets. If you are trying to target families, or folks with active lifestyles in your marketing, Aaron would be a tremendous asset to your marketing strategy.

Jason A.

Jason A. has been rockin’ Evansville airwaves since 1994. He’s dedicated his time and voice to many local charities over the years including Easter Seals, March of Dimes, the Lampion Center, CASA and the Evansville Rescue Mission. An avid outdoor enthusiast and a fan of sports, food and fun. He has endorsed everything from motorcycles to food, to online sportsbooks and medical health. Jason is always available to help impact a client’s creative ideas.

Tyler Foxx

Tyler Foxx is convinced that there are three fundamental S’s in life: songs, shows and shopping! Tyler Foxx is a friend of animals and those who cannot advocate for themselves. Tyler supports Borrowed Hearts, which helps children with basic needs as they move through the foster care system. He’s always available to connect with clients to create engaging promotions, on-air endorsements, blogs, or videos that impact the client’s individual target with meaningful content that resonates.

Sarah Pepper

Sarah Pepper is an Evansville native who got her start in radio shortly after graduating college, as the Morning Show producer for Brad Booker on Hot 96. After moving on to win multiple industry awards hosting her own Morning Show in Houston, she is back where it all started for her. However, Sarah counts her biggest accomplishment as being a Mom to her daughter, who was born in 2019.

Clay Roth

Clay Roth is a native of the Tri-State and has a deep love of the community and the people who live in it. Clay has supported Big Brothers, Big Sisters with their ‘Bowl For Kids Sake’ campaign, and is a huge supporter of charities and nonprofits that help people overcome substance abuse. On the HOT 96 Morning Show along with Sarah Pepper, they strive to bring awareness to underprivileged children that go hungry in the summer by partnering with the Tri-State Food Bank for the 24K Challenge. They also showcase local charities in December for the ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign to bring awareness to those charities and award them with donations to help their cause. Knowing that local charities and residents in the Tri-State are given their due diligence and recognition for their amazing work helps Clay have a peace of mind and gives him fulfillment.

Diane Douglas

I started out in radio in Madison, WI in the early 90’s. I then had a great opportunity in Milwaukee and worked at the oldies station there for a few years before moving to Evansville in 2000. Once in the Tri-State, I worked for HOT 96 before moving over to WIKY in 2005. I live in Downtown Evansville with my two spoiled kitties, Lucy and Gracie. In addition to the various non-profits I work with on the WIKY Morning Show, I’m passionate about physical fitness, health, and animals. I also love partnering with our clients on campaigns ranging from health and wellness to furniture and everything in between, to help fuel their business’ growth.

Dennis Jon Bailey

I was born at Fort Knox and raised in various locations around the world due to my Army upbringing. I’ve been on the radio virtually every day of my adult life and together with Diane, we’ve been honored multiple times as best broadcast team, receiving prestigious Marconi Awards from both the NAB in 2011 and the IBA in 2019. Our adoration for Evansville shines through the WIKY Morning Show, where in the past year, we’ve proudly hosted over 150 separate community charities and non-profit organizations, representing philanthropy, health, churches, government agencies, the arts, and more. Additionally, I have also had close relationships for years with several endorsement clients for everything from landscaping to retail appliances to roofing and construction. The reason is simple. The nonprofits need donations and event attendance. The businesses need customers. WIKY gets results.

Focused on Evansville

MWC Advertising prides itself on being focused on the communities we work in. We strongly believe in the power of building meaningful relationships with individuals and organizations. We recognize that such connections are essential to creating a thriving local community. Therefore, we work closely with organizers of several local charities and community involvement events such as WIKY’s Radiothon for Riley, Polar Plunge, Ton of Turkeys, Ton of Toys, All Cash Raffle, and Cool Car Cold Cash Raffle. Our various advertising channels are a great way for businesses and organizations to zero in on visitors and get the word out. Whether it’s through social media, online campaigns, traditional media or live remote broadcasts, we’re dedicated to helping our communities thrive.

MWC has tailored every recruiting campaign to fit our needs as well as our budget. We appreciate all that they do for our company and look forward to many more years as partners.

Vuteq USA

We’ve been very pleased with feedback and the results of our ads, and very happy to partner with our marketing specialist…Our group and I highly recommend!

Chick Fil A

We are in a top of mind game, and it’s so important that potential customers think of us first. MWC Advertising gets the job done for us with creative commercials and excellent service.

State Farm

We have been working with MWC for several years. We have seen great success with the various campaigns we’ve ran on the air and online. 

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