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As a local advertising agency, we recognize the importance of community involvement and understand the significance of supporting businesses within our neighborhoods. Because we live, work, and play in your communities, we work as a strategic partner focused on growing your business, from brand awareness to sales activation. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying your unique opportunities and challenges. We then build strategies around those to connect with your ideal customers and deliver successful marketing messages that reflect the voice of your brand. That message is broadcast through the community using our extensive range of advertising channels, including radio, online, television, social media, print, billboards, and mobile apps.

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Local Influencers

Local influencer marketing utilizes local personalities who have a significant number of followers within a specific geographic area to endorse compatible brands. The objective is to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. These personalities, or influencers, use their platforms to talk positively about products or services, leading to increased sales for the companies they represent. Through our affiliated radio stations, we have a range of prominent Fargo-Moorhead area personalities that can help promote your business both on-air and off.

Amy Kaye

Amy Kaye moved to Fargo in 2015 from Illinois, she has worked everyday part of Y94. She shares her life with the listeners of The Y94 Morning Playhouse. Amy’s a sassy redhead who loves having a beer or two and playing trivia games with her fiancé. She has worked with local boutiques, salons and wellness centers. Amy can help enhance your brand’s image in the market through endorsements, commercial reads and social media campaigns.

Amy Iler & JJ Gordon

Amy Iler and JJ Gordon are the dynamic duo behind “It Takes 2 with Amy & JJ” on KFGO Radio. These two local talents are engaging listeners on and off-the-air and have a proven track record of helping businesses succeed. With their engaging content and captivating advertising strategies, they have mastered the art of connecting with their audience and driving results for businesses. Through their show, they have cultivated a loyal following and established themselves as trusted voices in the community.

Ben Merritt

Ben Merritt is the new(ish) guy on Froggy 99.9 in the afternoon. A bit of a jack of all trades, master of none with interests ranging from technology to beer and food to sports. Ben uses his wide range of interests and “different” personality to connect with listeners. Ben’s absolutely excited to be back in Fargo and on Froggy especially because of the work Froggy has done for Sanford Children’s Hospital and our connection with the ND Autism Center. Ben can’t wait to use his passion to grow your audience just like we do everyday on Froggy 99.9.

Doug Leier

Doug Leier is a staple of a listener’s morning. From their first cup of coffee and all the way to work, Doug is the voice they hear with news, weather, sports, traffic and more. A KFGO Morning Crew Listener knows what is happening across the region and its because they heard it first on KFGO. If you are promoting an event, a restaurant, a store, an experience or business on the KFGO Morning Crew – you can expect it to be a topic of conversation because, “I heard it on the KFGO Morning Crew”.

Jack Michaels

Jack Michaels can usually be found at a local gym, football or baseball field. However, when he’s not taking in the best the region has to offer in sports, he’s relaying to his knowledge on all sports topics. From the Bison to the Fighting Hawks, Jack has you covered. He also has you covered on snacks. As the voice of the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks and the North Dakota Fighting Hawks Jack Michaels can handle anything…except ketchup!

Joel de

Joel de has ran across the state of South Dakota! He’s lived in a van! He’s a world traveler and a self proclaimed ‘dirtbag’ – which doesn’t mean what you think…but he’s passionate about craft beer, local restaurants, pubs and LOVES music. From jumping off the stage to photography Joel’s someone you LOVE to have at your table in the party.

Joel Heitkamp

There’s no place in the area that Joel Heitkamp hasn’t visited, and there’s very few people that Joel doesn’t know. After working with Joel, clients know that their product or business will get attention. Listeners know his name, and they trust what he says and endorses each day on his top-rated, region-wide show.


Mandy is a proud mamma and wifey from Moorhead, who pulls double duty with both the #1 Midday Show in Fargo on Y94 and joining Scotch and Tank for the Wake Up Call on Froggy 99.9. She spends her extra time dressing as spiderman with her son, wiping her daughters nose, and getting the fam out the door on Sundays.

Mandy has become an influencer over the years with many experiences relating to: out to lunch promotions, on air giveaways, and endorsements with salons, studios, and products. Her latest endorsement is with Billie’s Soap where she provides feedback on the product on-air and social media. Mandy is always open for discussion on new ways to endorse or influence a business.

Robbie Daniels

Robbie Daniels has been a part of FM airwaves for over 30 years. Robbie is the same on air and off, sharing her personal stories with thousands of listeners every day. She is genuine, straight forward & sincere. She can help connect listeners to businesses with products & services she believes in & uses herself. Endorsements are unscripted & personalized, making Robbie one of the most genuine and trusted personalities in advertising.

Robbie is a big part of The Cares for Kids Radiothon, MC & Host for various events, such as the Richland & Wilkin Co Women in Conservation Night, The North Dakota Women’s Center Leading Ladies Luncheon & more.

Rusty Halvorson

Rusty is a trusted voice for timely, accurate reporting on all things involving agriculture. With growing interest in sustainability, Rusty creates connections between consumers and the family farmers that provide a consistent, high quality product using safe, responsible practices that will benefit future generations. More at home with dirt on his boots than wearing a suit, Rusty has a great insight into connecting rural customers with businesses nearby and across the country.

Sarah Heinrich

Sarah lives, eats and breathes agriculture every single day. I love ag broadcasting and bringing the top ag news headlines into people’s homes all day. Sarah knows the farming and ranching industry here in North Dakota because her family makes their living by raising crops and cows here in the state. She’s very involved in public service both on the local and national level. Sarah serves on the Farm Rescue Foundation Board of Directors, which is based in Horace, the Breed Promotions Committee Chair for the American Gelbvieh Association, a Medina FFA Alumni member and a trustee at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. You’ll see the Sarah driving the KFGO truck on dirt roads, in major cities and parked at business that end up on air talking about what THEY do best.


Scotch has been a bit of a staple of Fargo radio for a few years, building a trust with listeners from almost age and walk of life. Scotch is super creative having been an illustrator and artist for the majority of his life, on top of being a musician. If there is food involved with a charity event he is there, so bring on a charity hot wing eating contest! Scotch is ready to help your business or charity in every way possible to see the best results.

Tank McNamara

Tank left radio for a short time, but the urge to be able to help small businesses and charities drew him back to the studio. Tank is an outdoorsy guy, getting in the woods hunting every year and with his family whenever he can. If you need to know what the community thinks about something, just ask Tank, he knows almost everyone in Fargo/Moorhead. It’ll be a great day for everyone when you and Tank get a plan developed for your business or charity.

Tom Szymanski

The most trusted name in weather is Tom Szymanski. For decades, people have planned their outfits, travel and “whether to put away their snowblower” based off of his expert read of the weather. Tom has also been the trusted voice of serval businesses that he personally uses. Those businesses know their association with Tom Szymanski is a cornerstone of their branding. From all corners of the state, people listen to his advice – he’s the tallest guy around, of course people are going to hear him!

Tyler Axness

Tyler Axness brings his small-town, Midwest, common sense to the issues and conversations taking place across the region. Simply put, he gets things done. Tyler is known for his down-to-earth approach that puts people at ease. From showcasing the latest product from a well known distillery to helping significantly grow the market share for a small town meat locker, Tyler can help drive consumers to try things for the first time or remind them to stop back in if its been awhile.


Host of The Y94 Morning Playhouse, Zero is a proud father of 3, enjoys football and the outdoors. He’s worked with countless charities over the years but is most proud of his involvement with Sanford Children’s Hospital & the Cares For Kids Radiothon benefiting Children’s Miracle Network A down-to-earth family man who has an optimistic outlook on life and enjoys sharing stories that will make your jaw drop regularly on-air, Zero can help enhance your brand’s positive image in the market through endorsements, commercial reads and social media campaigns.

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Focused on Fargo-Moorhead

MWC Advertising prides itself on being focused on the communities we work in. We strongly believe in the power of building meaningful relationships with individuals and organizations. We recognize that such connections are essential to creating a thriving local community. Therefore, we work closely with organizers of community events and have established sponsor relationships with Ronald McDonald House’s Sweetheart Ball, North Dakota Autism Center’s AuSome evening, Cares for Kids Radiothon, the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center, Veteran’s Honor Flight of North Dakota/Minnesota, and others. Our various advertising channels are a great way for businesses and organizations to zero in on visitors and get the word out. Whether it’s through social media, online campaigns, traditional media or live remote broadcasts, we’re dedicated to helping our communities thrive.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in our electrical service business. MWC get the job done for us with creative commercials and excellent service.”

Greg R.
Rick Electric

“I can’t imagine that anyone working with MWC Advertising isn’t 100% satisfied with their professionalism and ability to understand their needs and objectives. Best Team in advertising.”

Furniture for Less

“The analytics and ROI I received on my ads was perfect for my advertising goals. They make it an easy choice for a long-term marketing partnership.”

Greg K.
Minn-Dak Market

“Without the effective marketing provided, it would have been challenging to keep those who are homebound connected and informed about our worship broadcast.”

Hope Lutheran Church

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