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As a local advertising agency, we recognize the importance of community involvement and understand the significance of supporting businesses in Central Illinois. Because we live, work, and play in your communities, we work as a strategic partner focused on growing your business, from brand awareness to sales activation. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying your unique opportunities and challenges. We then build strategies around those to connect with your ideal customers and deliver successful marketing messages that reflect the voice of your brand. That message is broadcast through the community using our extensive range of advertising channels, including radio, online, television, social media, print, billboards, and mobile apps.

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Brian Rowell

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Bryce Gray

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Local Influencers

Local influencer marketing utilizes local personalities who have a significant number of followers within a specific geographic area to endorse compatible brands. The objective is to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. These personalities, or influencers, use their platforms to talk positively about products or services, leading to increased sales for the companies they represent. Through our affiliated radio stations, we have a range of prominent Peoria area personalities that can help promote your business both on-air and off.

Bill Fox

Bill Fox has been getting up early to host award-winning morning shows all across the country for over 25 years.

Bill is a happy husband, a proud dad, an animal lover, and a United States Air Force veteran. He does his best to play guitar. And he roots for the Boston Red Sox. We don’t hold that against him!

Bill has done local endorsements for Dunkin’, Wendy’s, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Hannaford Supermarkets, and many other local businesses. Bill was one of 4 morning show hosts, nationwide, to do endorsements for JC Penny. He would LOVE to help market your business to new customers and grow your business.


As a native of Central Illinois, CJ always wanted to be a part of radio in Peoria. Her interest began at a very early age while listening to “Gary & Donna”. CJ studied Radio & Television Broadcasting at Illinois Central College and truly enjoyed the experience.

CJ resides in Dunlap with her husband, daughter, and three crazy puppies. She’s a dance mom, school classroom parent, PTO member and summer t-ball coach.

CJ has easily one of the most recognizable voices in Central Illinois. What sets her apart? Her love of her family and friends and sharing those real experiences on-air and on-line.

How does that help your business? There is no such thing as just “reading a live commercial” for CJ. She personally reaches out to each client and talks to them. Then, just like the stories about her family she shares on-air, she shares YOUR business’s story.

Dan DiOrio

Dan DiOrio is a 45 year radio vet, the last 37 years as co-host of the News/Talk morning show at WMBD Peoria. Dan’s broadcast partner over the last 18 years is Greg Batton, not only the most fun partner over the years but like a second wife, where they strive to keep their listeners informed and mostly entertained in their everyday lives in this crazy and sometimes contentious world. Dan’s hobbies are books, books, and books about politics and foreign affairs. Dan is the proud father of 4 boys, 3 Eagle Scouts and 1 on the way. Dan is also proud to be a graduate of SIU Carbondale, which at the time was the top 5 broadcasting schools in the country.

Darren May

Darren May’s interests include genealogy, history, and travel. He comes from a radio pedigree that includes great-grandfather Enos Kahler, the founder of WMBD, and grandfather Harry McCormick, WMBD’s transmitter engineer. Darren’s own radio journey started in 1989, and he loves working in the studio. As production director for MWC Advertising in Peoria, Darren enjoys turning marketing concepts into tangible results!

Greg Batton

Greg Batton is the co-host of The Greg and Dan Show, mornings on 1470 and 100.3 WMBD Radio. A 36 year veteran of the radio industry, he has worked for many stations in Peoria and Chicago, co-hosting with Dan Diorio on WMBD since 2005.

Greg is the father of 4, husband to Yvonne Greer, and a proud Peorian.

Greg is an unabashed fan of Central Illinois and uses his talents to help countless civic organizations, not-for-profits, and private businesses grow and prosper.

Greg’s motto is: Do Good, Be Kind, Go Home, Repeat.

John Riley & Nancy Flagg

John Riley & Nancy Flagg have been entertaining listeners in Central Illinois for more than 25 years! Their top-rated, family-friendly show features classic hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, games, prizes and lots of interactive fun for listeners. Lifestyle, entertainment and general “good” news throughout the show makes it a great way to start the day.

Daily segments like “Who Are You,” “Question Impossible,” and “School of Rock” allow for sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. Plus, John & Nancy LIVE ads are a great way to include your message in the show.

John & Nancy are also active on social media with videos and content, reaching thousands. After they sign off the radio program, John develops marketing campaigns for clients as the head of Creative Services while Nancy creates social media content for clients in the digital marketing department.

John Young

Before his caeer in radio, John Young performed stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, among other places, and performed on The Arsenio Hall Show and VH-1 Stand Up-Spotlight. In 1996, he transitioned to radio and for 28 years has used his stand-up comedy and writing to do a high energy and fun afternoon show on 104.9 The Wolf. John spent his first 17 and a half years at The Wolf on the morning show. When he’s not talking on the ‘Mic’ you can usually find him singing as he loves hitting karaoke all over Central Illinois. John also plays guitar, bass, and piano and is a big ol’ 80’s music freak! Along with his passion for music, John has a HUGE passion for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has been a part of Country Cares for St. Jude for 25 years and has helped raise over $2 million during his stations’ Radiothons.

John has worked with and endorsed a variety of clients from Sleep Number, to Nothing Bundt Cakes, to Sherman’s, to The Bryson Smith Team. The variety of clients he has worked with show his versatility and adaptability. Having just finished his third go ’round with Cancer, he’s very focused on his health, and would love an opportunity to help endorse a company that is looking to promote wellness.

John is a fun, creative guy with a ton of heart who loves to win and who wants YOU to win.

Mike Stechman

Mike ‘Stech’ Stechman has been a radio personality in the Peoria/Bloomington-Normal area since 1991.

‘Stech’ is a family man, married to his lovely wife Holly. They have 3 beautiful girls that keep them busy in life. Outside of radio, Mike enjoys Harley Davidson motorcycles, hanging with good friends, watching sports such as Cardinals Baseball and Steelers Football. Mike also stays busy outside of work with his Holler ‘ana’ Swaller Karaoke Shows. ‘Stech’ you could say, “Lives Life To The Fullest!”

‘Stech’ chronicles his ‘Dad Life’ both on the airwaves as well as his social media outlets. If your trying to target families, or with folks with active lifestyles. Mike Stechman would be a tremendous asset to your marketing strategy.

Ross Martinez

Ross Martinez…The Husky Heartthrob! Ross is a lovable goofball with a passion for our community. Catch his podcast the Community Beat on your favorite podcast platforms. Ross says, “Any day above ground is a great day in his book.” He can talk music for hours and will always try to sneak his dog Rocky into places! Ross is all about community and likes to work with brands that give back, support our animal friends, and the trifecta would include selling fedoras.

Reaching Your Future Hire

At MWC Advertising, we specialize in connecting businesses with top talent by implementing a powerful combination of radio and digital advertising strategies. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your company’s unique hiring needs and develop a tailored recruitment campaign that delivers results. From crafting engaging job postings to utilizing targeted ad placements across multiple platforms, we ensure your open positions gain maximum exposure to potential candidates. Say goodbye to the stress of recruitment and let MWC Advertising help you find your ideal candidates.

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MWC Advertising prides itself on being focused on the communities around Peoria. We strongly believe in the power of building meaningful relationships with individuals and organizations. We recognize that such connections are essential to creating a thriving local community. Therefore, we work closely with organizers of community events and have established relationships with St. Jude Radiothon, Red White & Boom!, Beat the Funk out of MS, and Drive for Miracles. Our various advertising channels are a great way for businesses and organizations to zero in on visitors and get the word out. Whether it’s through social media, online campaigns, traditional media or live remote broadcasts, we’re dedicated to helping our Central Illinois communities thrive.

“If you’ve got a story worth telling… then radio is the most cost-effective way to get it out there. With MWC, you get some of the biggest audiences in the area and a team of folks who understand how radio can help make all of your other media more effective too.”


“G&D Integrated has formed a strong partnership with MWC Advertising for our marketing needs.  With their guidance and partnership, we’ve expanded our brand and improved recognition of our company over the last couple of years.”

G&D Integrated

“We really enjoy having MWC as an advertising partner. Our consultant took the time to understand our business and make good recommendations for the best way for us to advertise with them.”

Steger’s Furniture

“MWC provides a team of experts that not only help deliver my message, but also help in implementation and development of both short-term and long-term marketing strategies. As a small business owner, I now have a diverse marketing team, without the payroll expense!

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