May 21, 2024

Radio and Search Engine Marketing: The Perfect Pair

Radio is one of the most powerful awareness mediums available today to businesses.  It allows them to brand themselves to thousands of potential clients with impactful, emotional messages.  However, that is only one part of the sales funnel and if a business drops the ball towards the bottom, all that branding can be for nothing.

Here’s an example.  The other day as I was driving around, I heard multiple radio ads for two different local pizza places.  They were great ads and really got me in the mood to order pizza that night.  So far the ads were successful.  But when I got home and went to order, I typed in “pizza” on my phone and the first thing that popped up was a SEM ad for a national pizza company that was offering a new stuffed crust pizza.  Not only was I interested in trying this, but they were offering a deal in their ad, so that’s what I ordered that night.

These two local pizza places were successful in getting me ready to buy their product, but when it came down to the purchase, they weren’t in front of me when I was ready to order.  According to the Global Search Network, 63% of people have clicked on a Google Ad and 65% of people who are about to make a purchase are going to click on an ad.

You have to make sure not to lose your customers at the finish line.  That is why whenever you are putting together a marketing campaign, you need to make sure you are pairing the amazing awareness power of radio with the closing ability of SEM.

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Jason Muzyka

Jason Muzyka has been in the advertising world for over 15 years and has helped launch and maintain marketing campaigns that have spanned North America. A creative mind, Jason is excited to work with businesses, small and large, to help come up with unique strategies that make them stand out in an ever changing digital world. With experience ranging from recruitment and manufacturing to retail and construction, he loves to do the research into not only the business, but it's needs and goals to create a marketing strategy that will deliver a high return on investment for a company.