April 13, 2023

Radio and Retargeting

We have always known radio, being the awareness medium that it is, drives traffic to websites. All the way back in 2017, the RAB told us that there was at least a 29% increase in search due to radio. Seriously, weren’t we all excited when we got Media Driven Traffic because we finally got to prove to others what we have known all along? But, I feel as though, in the not so distant past, that would have been the end of our story.

Thankfully, by combining radio (audio) with digital impressions, we can now offer a nearly infallible marketing strategy to our clients.

Digital efforts are crucial to our clients’ success. 81% of consumers say that they conduct online research prior to buying a product or service. Check…. We have established this is what we are good at. But what happens after that consumer leaves the businesses’ website to go about their lives in the vast vacuum that is the internet? If the business doesn’t continue to tap that consumer on the shoulder to remind them to do business with them, they could be gone for good. A missed opportunity.

This is where retargeting comes into play. Did you know that 70% of retargeted website visitors are more likely to convert into a customer for that business? What would that do for your client’s bottom line?

Here are a few other stats to load your lips with:

  • Retargeting can increase conversion rates by almost 150%.
    According to data by DataXu, retargeting conversion rates can vary from industry to industry. Ecommerce customer service businesses, for example, see an average of 102% increase in conversions with retargeting, while financial services can see average growth in conversion rates as high as 147%.
  • Retargeting is the best display advertising strategy to increase brand awareness.
    A study evaluated six different online display advertising strategies to measure their effect on brand awareness or search activity. The study found that of all the media placement strategies evaluated, retargeting had the highest increase in brand-related search queries, at 1,046%.
  • 37% of consumers click on retargeted ads because they like the product shown.
    Retargeting ads statistics indicate that being drawn to products in retargeting ads is the most common reason why people click. Other reasons include a convenient way to visit a website that users already intended to visit (28%) and the desire to find out more about the product in the ad (21%)

When it comes to a client’s digital marketing strategy, sometimes, it’s the second impression that matters most. Since most of their potential customers do not spend their money on the first website visit and require that extra nudge to convert, retargeting can be a useful tool in your digital sales toolbox.

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Sarah Varnes

Sarah Varnes is an accomplished business executive with over a decade of experience in sales and marketing. She serves as the Director of Sales for Midwest Communications in Peoria, IL, where she manages the sales team and drives business development and revenue growth. Sarah's ability to establish strong relationships with clients has gained her a reputation of expertise in the industry, and she has a proven track record in media, marketing, advertising, and digital platforms. With a background in personality assessment, she also understands what motivates individuals and can predict how they will react in different situations, making her a valuable asset in strategic media sales and management. Sarah is highly respected by her colleagues and clients alike for her integrity, professionalism, and expertise in relevant market intelligence and trends, including evolving technologies, consumer behaviors, and client expectations.